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Licensed Nuisance Wild Life Trapper, we specialize in the Trapping 

and removal of raccoons. I serve both SUFFOLK and NASSAU COUNTY as well as parts of QUEENS. We will quickly assist you with your WILD LIFE PROBLEMS. 

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- Raccoons

- Opossums

- Beavers

- Squirrels

- Rats and Mice

- Stray Cats

- Skunks

- Foxes

Common Nuisance Wild Life in New York State

Nuisance Wild Life is any wild animal that has become damaging or menacing. In New York State the land owner has the right to decide if an animal is considered a nuisance.

What is Nuisance Animal Life?

Raccoon Removal Long Island

Nuisance Wild Life in and around your home could be dangerous for you and your family. Having the animal safely removed from the property will save you the hassle of having to deal with the damage these animals can do as well as the diseases that they carry. I specialize in trapping and relocating of Raccoons, Opossums, Foxes , Squirrels and much more. I am the owner/operator licensed nuisance wildlife control operator, you will be dealing directly with me. So my clients do not have to have someone else fix the problems the wild life has caused. I also will fix the problems the wild life has caused and prevent it from being a problem in the future.